One-to-One French Intensive Residential Courses in London and Brussels

Learn French… in town

French practice for two children with Bernadette at mini Europe, Brussels

In the autumn, winter and spring (September to May), we offer one-to-one intensive French residential courses in London and Brussels here at Learn French in Town.

In the summer we give private French classes in a beautiful region of Southern France, Les Cévennes (see Learn French in the Country).

Learn French in Town offers:

Feedback on Learn French in Town

A student and Bernadette during a french class
“I hope to see you soon again, I was extremely pleased with the course and I found my progress in the language almost unbelievable!”
Palli - July 2010
“Helena did really well in her GCSEs getting 6A*s, including French and 4 As. She is studying French for A Level and has her AS exams in May/June. She is very keen to have some more French tuition with you as she thinks you are the best teacher ever!”
Mary - March 2010
“Thank you so much for giving Sebastian so much of your time & energy and for ensuring that he had a great time while learning so much French. It was a great success on all fronts - he had a great time and he seems to have learnt an awful lot of French in just one week.”
Linda - May 2009

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Staying in London

You stay with the French teacher, Bernadette, and her husband in their family house in the quiet residential area of Wimbledon Park, south west London.

Large bedroom in our family house, south west London

Your bedroom is a very large room where you have the space to do your own personal study. There is a television with French programmes and Wi-Fi is available should you wish to bring your laptop. Your private bathroom with bath and shower is near your room.

French student in our family house's garden, south west London

There is a small garden where the meals or lessons can be taken (weather permitting).

From the time you arrive, French will be spoken. The days are divided into formal classes, conversation classes and excursions. The latter will depend on how long you are staying and the reasons why you are learning French. If you are coming to revise and improve your French for exams (GCSE, A Level, etc.), you will be practicing with past papers and Bernadette will focus on your needs to achieve better grades.

Staying in Brussels

If you are travelling by Eurostar with Bernadette, you will start speaking French from the time you step into the train!

You will stay in a small studio flat which has all facilities. Bernadette will meet you there every morning for breakfast.

Each day you will enjoy classes, formal and informal, as well as various excursions.

Katrina practicing French with the family at home in Brussels

In the evening you will go with Bernadette to visit friends where you have dinner. This enables you to meet and practice your French with different people in an informal, friendly way.


Adult student with Bernadette for French practice while visiting Atomium, Brussels - for harder working websites

The Grand Place, Brussels. Right: Parliament and MP's offices, London