Overview and Examples of Tailored French Classes and Programmes

Learn French… in town


Whether preparing for studies, an exam, for a holiday or simply for the pleasure of learning French, a residential, immersion course is the perfect way to achieve results fast.

“I hope to see you soon again, I was extremely pleased with the course and I found my progress in the language almost unbelievable!”
Palli - July 2010

Personalised, flexible, French tuition

French in Town offers true immersion in the French language. With French in Town you will learn, hear and speak French for around 8 hours a day.

At meals, during the breaks and in the evenings you can practice in a more informal way what you have learnt during your classes.

Each day will be divided into formal classes, conversation sessions and various activities depending on how long you are staying and what you wish to do.

Although a questionnaire is sent to you before the course commences for Bernadette to prepare a personalised programme, this programme is flexible and will be adapted daily to your individual needs.

“Isobel had a most productive and enjoyable time. My thanks also for all your time and attention over the weekend. Isobel reported she had a most productive and enjoyable time-and also would like to thank your husband for some wonderful food! We will keep in contact. Many thanks again for a most enjoyable experience.”
Alison - November 2010

Examples of programmes in London

Following is an overview of three student's tailored programmes, with their feedback after finishing. For the full programme of classes, menus, outings, and activities, download the following document:

Examples of tailored French programmes, in London (classes, menus, outings, and activities) – French in Town (PDF, 38kB)

a) Example programme 1

This programme was for Steve, an adult beginner, who lives in Nottinghamshire. He wanted to quick start his French so that he could resume weekly French classes when he returned home. He stayed 5 days. Steve wanted to concentrate on his French, he didn’t want any excursions. Bernadette made the classes interesting and fun through a variety of interactive exercises, games and activities. One night they had dinner with French friends, thus allowing Steve to practice his newly acquired French skills with other native speakers. Steve was amazed how much French he had learnt in less than a week.

b) Example programme 2

This programme was for John, learning French for GCSE. He lives in Hampshire. John is alternating weekly long stays in France in the summer with shorter revision courses in London during term time. He got A grade for his GCSE and is now learning French for A Level.

“Thanks a lot for all the work you did this weekend. John is very pleased and a lot more confident. A bientôt.”
Ann (John’s mum)

c) Example programme 3

This programme was for Tricia who lives North London. Tricia wants to learn French for pleasure and for family reasons. She has done a couple of courses in France in the summer and has come twice to do a residential course in London.

“I intend writing my appreciation in French this weekend! However, I didn't want any more time to pass without thanking you and Antoni for your warm welcome and hospitality, wonderful French classes (as ever), lovely meals and great walks. The dogs were super too - I found I missed them for a few days afterwards! Please pass on my thanks to Cecile and Wayne for slowing their French and making a great evening”
Tricia - December 2007


Wimbledon Park tube station, the stop for Learn French in Town. Right: Parliament and MP's offices, London

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